Positional Statement


  1. It is our position that every abortion claims an innocent life.
  2. We are painfully aware of the trauma surrounding pregnancies related to rape, incest, deformities of the developing child, and/or health risks to the mother. We exist, in part, to provide helpful intervention in such cases, but we do not find abortion to be either effective or morally acceptable as a method of reducing such trauma.
  3. In those extremely rare cases where continued pregnancy is reasonably expected to precipitate the motherʼs immediate and literal death, we have been able to discover no clear biblical principle absolutely prescribing or recommending the act of abortion.

Birth Control

  1. For far too long, “sex education” in our schools has concentrated on birth control instead of self-control. We believe that, so long as people engage in sexual relationships outside of marriage, there will continue to be great numbers of crisis pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and broken lives.
  2. The Selah Center is working to reach young adults with a truthful message that sex can only be safe and loving within the context of a permanent, marital relationship.
  3. Our staff does not refer or provide clients with birth control.

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